Guolin Qigong

Guolin Qigong is created by Master Guo-Lin, a famous Chinese painter and a cancer patient. There are millions of cancer patients, chronic illness in different countries practice and benefit from Guolin Qigong since year 1971 when it first introduced in Beijing.

Not only adopted the best part of ancient qigong, followed the Chinese meridian system and energy & blood theory, Guolin Qigong also integrated the knowledge of modern medicine & science and created a qigong that can cure & prevent cancer as well as benefit every one's health. Confirmed by a number of doctors and scientists, Guolin Qigong is proved to be an excellent qigong which is "cater for individual, easy to learn, a blend of motion and stillness, seldom cause imbalance effect".

Guolin Qigong is an energy work which combines motion and stillness, that is with inner stillness in motion and with motion in stillness. With the emphasis on the therapy of internal functions of whole body which balance "yin yang", co-ordinate & direct meridian system, interact energy and blood, stimulate metabolism, strengthen immunity system and thus made Guolin Qigong an effective curing and health building measure.

Master Guo-Lin