International Guolin Qigong Culture Research Association Ltd., a non-profit making organization, is a Charity endorsed by the Government of Hong Kong.

Originated from Beijing Anti-Cancer Club, our formation is supported by various Guolin Qigong Organizations in different countries & cities including Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Germany and China etc.


International Guolin Qigong Culture research Association is committed:
  1. To promote the culture, technique and knowledge of Guolin Qigong
  2. To assist cancer & chronic diseases patients in strengthening their abilities both physically & spiritually to tackle their health problems
  3. To improve the qualities of health of general in public
  4. To provide and organize continuing and professional courses & activities for the quality building & enhancement of Guolin Qigong instructors
  5. To bond with other Guolin Qigong organizations around the world in promoting, researching & exchanging knowledge and experience in all aspects of Guolin Qigong


All Directors, Committee members, instructors and team-workers of our Association are volunteers and they are not taking compensation in any kind.

Income received from membership fee, donations, grants etc., or earnings, if any, will be used solely and exclusively for the operation of the Association & other charitable activities in accordance with the laws governing charitable association of Hong Kong.

Organizational Structure

Position Name
Board of Directors He Kai Fang   Alan Yeung   Tam Mai Lin   
Susana Luk   Johnny Tsui   Catherine Lau   Grace Kwok

Position Name
Honorary Advisor 孫雲彩老師
Honorary Advisor 楊增和老師
Honorary Advisor 孫桂蘭老師
Honorary Advisor 姜寅生老師
Honorary Advisor 林健老師
Honorary Advisor 萬柔柔老師
Honorary Advisor 吳素琴老師
Honorary Advisor Chan Yau Yee
(President of Persatuan GuoLin QiGong Malaysia)
Honorary Advisor Lydia Mau
(President of International Guolin Qigong Cultural Research (Australia) Association Inc.)
Honorary Advisor Yu Tat Kwong, Richard
(Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Registered Social Worker)

2024-2026 Management Committee

Position Name
President Alan Yeung
Course Management (Chief Instructor)       Tam Mai Lin
(Assistant Instructor) Lau Hung Wai   Natalie Tsang
Raymond Chu   Judy Law   Ivy Chan   Grace Kwok
Jobia Wan   Ivendy Ho   Leung Hon Ming   Andy Buen
Finance Grace Kwok (Treasury)   Catherine Lau (Accounting)
Office Administration & Logistics Susana Luk   Catherine Lau   Maggie Chan   Lau Hung Wai


Position Name
Independent Auditor Vanessa Chan CPA(Practicing)