Training classes - Hong Kong

GuoLin Qigong Classes on Saturday (except Public Holidays)

尖沙咀九龍公園 Kowloon Park at Tsimshatsui (near Sculpture Gallery and Sculpture Garden)

Time : Every Saturday 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Chief Instructors : Ms. Tam Mei Lin;

Assistant Instructors : Mr. Johnny Tsui and 8 assistants;

Timetable (in Chinese) :  (3rd Quarter)、  (4th Quarter)

Foundation Course Advanced Course A Advanced Course B Advanced Course C
Introducing our Missions, Organizational structure, Instructors, Rules and regulations; Courses contents, Procedures for membership application, etc. Mid Fast Walking Gong and Fast Walking Gong 1, 2 & 3 Steps Walking Gong The method of Vocalizing Gong (not a regular course)
(For cancer patients only)
Ready Position and Closing Position The relaxing and Quiet Gong of Up and Down, Opening and Closing The Head Acupoint Massage Method ***
Naturally Walking Gong Fixed Step Gong Hand Stick Gong ***

  1. Basic requirement of special class on "The method of Vocalizing Gong": able to pass through physical examination of some basic practices including "Naturally Walking Gong", "Fast Walking Gong", "The relaxing and Quiet Gong of Up and Down, Opening and Closing". Qualified candidate has to make separate appointment before.
  2. Courses tailored for individuals. Approx. 22 lessons per course.
  3. Courses are delivered voluntarily by licensed instructors.
  4. Sharing session will be held on the last Saturaday of every two months respectively. Welcome for participation by all members.
  5. Class may be cancelled on public holidays and under any typhoon signals for no. 3 or above,"Yellow", "red" or "black" rainstorm signal announced at 8:00a.m. by Hong Kong Observatory due to the slippy walks in Kowloon Park.
  6. Our Association and instructors shall not indemnify against all actions, claims and demands by any person and participant(s) who suffers or sustains any death, injury, loss or damages arising out of or as a result of the participation(s) in the Guolin Qigong classes offered by our Association, nor any claims on the aforesaid cause(s) against the authorized instructor(s) due to his/her negligence. In any cases, the final decision of our Association shall prevail.
  7. During the courses, members and visitors are not allowed to distribute any publications or periodicals, notices or materials, and to sell or promote any commercial products or services not authorised by our Association.